Industrial Application on Knowledge Management

Camera ready version of the accepted papers must be uploaded using the KMO 2007 submission system as a new version of the previous submitted paper, that is using your paper ID and the your password.

Contributions are required in electronic format (PDF, MS Word, - MS Word is suggested).

Make you sure that the format of the document is the prescribed one (download the word template or latex classes).

As a part of KMO 2007, the track "Industrial Application on Knowledge Management" (IAKM) will be a forum for high quality presentations on innovative applications and engineering solutions of Knowledge Management and Collaborative Environments in Organizations. These include:

  • how intra- and inter-enterprise information integration can practically enhance the exchange of information and knowledge in organizations;
  • both experimental and consolidated tools for modelling and representing knowledge and processes within enterprises;
  • real-world applications of semantics technologies applied to knowledge management;
  • real-world collaborative applications for better knowledge sharing in working environment.

Papers should describe actual solutions in all the information and knowledge management areas addressed by this track. The focus of submitted papers should be on the technical aspects of the work, especially which problems the solution addresses, the relevant implementation details, new research problems discovered while implementing the application, and mostly important, the lessons learned. Moreover, authors could present live demos of their KM applications described in submitted papers.

Topics of interest include but not limited to:

  • Enterprise Data mining
  • Enterprise Knowledge Management
  • Semantics techs
  • Collaborative Working Environment
  • Presentation Languages, and Tools for Human-computer interaction
  • Enterprise Information Integration
  • Agent Based System applied to Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge extraction and reasoning systems applied to Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge modelling and representation

Authors should submit industry papers (8 pages maximum per paper) with the same formatting rules as research papers. Like research track, 2-3 reviews of submissions will be provided to authors during notification. Acceptance criteria will be innovativeness of software, solutions, services and the potential of impact.

Program Chair

  • Stefano De Panfilis, Engineering, Italy
  • Francesco Saverio Nucci, Engineering, Italy
  • Lorenzo Vendrame, Avio, Italy

Program Committee

  • Marco Alessi, Engineering, Italy
  • Massimo Banzi, Telecom Italia, Italy
  • Gian Paolo De Poli, Avio, Italy
  • Massimo Gallizio, Avio, Italy
  • Antonio Gentile, University of Palermo
  • Daniele Gulmini, Avio, Italy
  • Nunzio Ingraffia, Engineering, Italy
  • Ahmed Moataz, Sonex Enterprise, US
  • Antonio Marra, Avio, Italy
  • Roberto Merotto, Avio, Italy
  • Vito Morreale, Engineering, Italy
  • Giovanni Perrone, University of Palermo, Italy
  • Giovanni Pilato, ICAR-CNR, Italy


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